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Look No Further than airTrakpro When You Need an Air Track

At airTrakpro, we’re proud to be the leading supplier of air tracks in Australia. Thanks to the superior quality and durability of our solutions for cheerleaders and gymnasts, we sell products to clients in the USA ,New Zealand, Europe, Australia and Canada. Whether you’re looking for suitable practice equipment for your home or gym, we have what you need. Keep reading below to learn more about the benefits of our air tracks, from the safety they provide to how compact they are when deflated.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Air Track Products

Here’s how you can extract the maximum benefit from our solutions:

  • Follow our guidelines when setting up your air track: If you want to maximise the lifespan of your air track, you should follow the instructions carefully when inflating, deflating and storing it. Because we use durable materials to manufacture our products, you can feel confident they’ll stand the test of time. Moreover, all our solutions come with repair kits, pumps and suitable storage bags as standard.
  • Cover the surrounding area with matting: For safety reasons, it’s vital to pad the space surrounding the mat appropriately. Provided you set up your solution according to our manual, your mat will be much safer to use than conventional gym equipment. Plus, compared to traditional tumbling apparatus, our products are softer to the touch and easier on the joints and bones.
  • Correctly inflate your air track: Again, to minimise the risk of accidents, you need to inflate your track to the correct pressure – you’ll find all the details in our setup guide. Because we supply you with a pump, inflating and deflating your air track couldn’t be more straightforward. Provided your track contains the right amount of air, your aspiring gymnast will be able to practice for hours while remaining safe and having lots of fun.

Benefits of Air Track Products

Our gymnastic equipment is advantageous for reasons including:

  • Enhanced safety: Our air tracks are much safer than conventional gym apparatus. Your youngster can practice their hobby without having to worry about trips and falls causing injuries. Plus, because our solutions place very little stress on your ligaments, bones and joints, they’re less likely to cause problems later in life.
  • Improved performance: Many of our customers report that our air tracks enable aspiring athletes to push themselves harder than ever before without experiencing fatigue too quickly. Additionally, because our solutions allow you to spend more time in the air than conventional products, you can fine-tune your skills and promptly accustom yourself to the equipment used in competitive settings.
  • Set up your air track wherever you like: Thanks to the versatility of our solutions – and the broad range of products we have to offer – we have air tracks suitable for any size space, whether it’s your living room, hallway or garden.

About airTrakpro

We sell our products to a broad range of retail customers and gyms. If you run a gym, you’ll be glad to know that we can customise our solutions with your branding and logo. Learn more about our in-demand air track products by calling our professionals.