Use an Airtrack at Home to Practice Tumbling and Jumping Safely

Purchasing an airtrack allows your budding gymnast the ability to practice safely at home. At airTrakpro, we encourage parents to make sure they reinforce safe practices and supervise their kids when practising any gymnastic, cheerleading or dance moves.

Common Mistakes People Make When Purchasing an Airtrack Mat

When considering which airtrack mat to purchase, avoid the following common mistakes.

  • Purchasing a mat that slides easily across the floor. You want a mat that you can trust to stay in place. Your child is going to tumble across the surface, and it is critical that the mat does not move and result in them landing on the hard surface underneath. The main purpose of the mat is to help prevent injury and if it moves, it is not doing the job.
  • Choosing the wrong size. You want a mat that will allow your child to practice their gymnastic or cheerleading skills without banging into walls or furniture. Carefully measure the space that will be used before purchasing your mats.
  • Not reinforcing safety practices. Make sure you reinforce the importance of warming up and landing properly. Skipping the warm-up, or landing incorrectly, can quickly lead to injury that could sideline your child from an activity they love. Encourage your child to listen closely to the instructions from their coach, so they understand and can practice the movements correctly and safely on their airtracks.

Parents play an important role in making sure their child has a safe place to practice their chosen activity, whether that is gymnastics, cheerleading or parkour. Make sure you choose the right equipment with enough room to practice safely.

Benefits of Purchasing From airTrakpro

USA’s #1 airtracks supplier, we provide you with excellent service and a great product.

  • We can customise your mat colour and branding for your club. We also offer discount club pricing and fundraising programs.
  • When you order from us, we include the pump, a storage bag and a repair kit, so you have everything you need to maintain your airtrack. We also offer free shipping of airtracks in Australia and the USA.
  • Our mats are made of high-quality, durable material for use in the gym, at home, indoors or outdoors. When using your mat, make sure the surface is clear of sharp objects and consider placing the mat on a padded floor or on top of a ground sheet.

Why airTrakpro is Cost Effective

Airtrack mats are an affordable option for practising gymnastics or cheerleading safely at home. Allowing your kids to build their skills faster, and with your support. Our products are cost-effective, with our free shipping to Australia and the USA, as well as our 30 day refund policy. We are USA's #1 supplier of airtracks, and we work to ensure you are happy with your purchase.

Contact us to discuss the best option for your practice space, or how we can customise our mats for your organisation.Air