Airtrack Block

Introducing Our Airtrack Block for Gymnasts, Dancers and Cheerleaders

At airTrakpro, we manufacture and supply a broad range of gymnastics apparatus to households and gyms, and our airtrack block is one of our most highly sought-after products. Using our solutions, aspiring athletes can perfect flips, airborne stunts and tumbling, and they’re much safer than conventional equipment. Learn more about the benefits or our air tracks and blocks by reading below.

Problems Air Blocks for Gymnastics Addresses

Our innovative products for gymnasts, cheerleaders and dancers solve the following issues:

  • Storage troubles: Because you can deflate our solutions and fold them away in the bag that we supply, you don’t need to worry about gym equipment stealing all the floor space in your home. When your youngster has had enough practice, you can keep your air block in the bedroom cupboard, loft or garage with ease. We also provide you with a free pump to make inflating and deflating hassle-free.
  • The risk of injuries: We design all our products with safety in mind. Compared to competitive gymnastic equipment, our solutions are much softer on the body, which is why they reduce the risk of accidents. If you want to keep your child out of harm’s way while they’re tumbling at home, our air blocks are the perfect alternative to conventional apparatus.
  • The inability to practice: Our products are versatile enough to be set up just about anywhere. You can inflate your air block in the house, in the garden, at the park or on the beach. Should anything cause damage to your solution, you can repair it quickly using the kit we supply.

Tips Regarding Air Blocks for Gymnastics

Keep these pointers in mind when inflating, deflating and storing your air block. If you have any questions, feel free to call our professionals, who will gladly offer more advice.


  • Inflate your block correctly: It’s essential to ensure your air block is suitably inflated to keep your youngsters safe and enable them to unleash their full potential. Provided your block contains enough air, you’ll be able to learn and master new stunts quickly. Our products also allow you to spend more time in the air than conventional equipment.
  • Store your solution away from sharp objects: The last thing you want is to puncture your block, which is unlikely to happen because we manufacture our products using highly durable materials. You can also patch punctures using our repair kit. Nevertheless, you might want to keep your block away from sharp objects and pack it in its storage bag correctly.
  • Remember to pad the anchor points: To provide your aspiring gymnasts with optimum safety and protection, you should cover the area that surrounds your block with suitable padding.
About airTrakpro

We’re the market leading supplier of inflatable gym equipment in Australia, and thanks to the superb quality of our products, you can find our tracks and blocks in households and gyms throughout Europe, the USA, Canada and New Zealand. If you want to learn more about the benefits of our innovative solutions, don’t hesitate to call us.