Gym Air Mat

Improve the Quality of Your Practice with a Durable Gym Air Mat

You need the best quality gym air mat to be the best gymnast you can be. When you have the confidence that your equipment will be there for you when you’re practising the toughest manoeuvres, you can put other concerns out of your mind and focus on the task at hand. Read on below to discover why airTrakpro is the most relied-upon name in USA for gymnastic air tracks.

Related Services We Provide to a Gym Air Track

We believe that you should receive more than just a mat when you order a big air track from airTrakpro. Some additional services you’ll receive are:

  • Free shipping – We make it easy to order professional-quality air tracks for home just as easily as for the club. You’ll be pleased with how effective airTrakpro mats are whether you’re practising gymnastics, parkour, cheerleading, or dance. Let us ship your mat right to your door at no added cost.
  • Included tools – When you order your air track 10-metre mat or any other size, you’ll receive all the necessary accessories such as a helpful pump, storage bag for protection, and a repair kit to help you with incidental tears or punctures that may occur after heavy use.
  • Other products – Our selection includes various lengths and thicknesses of air tracks, but we also stock additional products that are helpful for practice. The Air Roll, Air Spot, and Launch Pad each provide distinct uses to help with your practice sessions. Combine any of these with an air track to maximise the benefits.

Tips for Getting More Value out of the Long Air Track

You can get the perfect mat when you bear several considerations in mind:

  • You’ll want to order the correct size for your needs. For individual practice, you know the size of your practice space and can order an air track accordingly. While clubs and gyms can put a 20m track to full use, individual practitioners may need to compromise on length due to available space in the back yard.
  • Get the right thickness for your air track. Depending on what your practice sessions include, it may be necessary to purchase a thick air track. For routines that involve a lot of jumping and involve coming down from heights, thicker can help prevent injuries in case of a fall or bad landing. If you aren’t sure how thick a mat you should order, our experienced and friendly team can talk you through it and help you make a perfect choice.
  • Gymnastics club managers can completely customise the air track to fit the practice space. We create these mats in numerous colours for sale and even offer the chance to have your club logo as the centre of attention on your new air track.

Why airTrakpro Is Cost Effective

We are proud to be the #1 supplier of gymnastic air tracks in the USA. We’ve carefully cultivated this reputation by providing a cost-effective product that combines quality materials, reliable design, and a customer-centred approach to doing business. Discuss your needs with us, and we’ll put our experience to work for you to find the perfect air tracks.

Let your yard become the focal point for gymnastics practices with a high-quality mat. These mats can easily be set up outside and don’t require a large studio or arranging a designated practice space ahead of time. While you will see airTrakpro mats in clubs and gymnasiums, you’ll also see them in homes around the USA. Contact us to learn more about airTrakpro’s quality construction and convenient service.