Gymnastics Air Mat in Texas

Practice Gymnastics, Cheerleading or Parkour Safely with a Gymnastics Air Mat in Texas

As the number one supplier of gymnastics air mats in Texas, we understand how important it is to use mats when practising tumbling and tricks. We also understand the importance of getting as much use out of your mats as possible.

The Importance of a Gymnastics Air Mattress

As adults, we understand how critical it is to use mats like the air track in gymnastics to create a safe environment and limit injuries as children practice and develop their skills. Mats play an important role in a safe practice space, particularly when we consider the following.

  • Safety rules – Ensure everyone in the space is aware of and understands the basic safety rules for the sport you are practising. Your rules may include not having shoes on the air track, or water bottles on or near the mats.
  • Always use a spotter – Most kids want to learn new skills, and are ready to dive right in, however, they do not always understand the risk involved with something like a front handspring. It is critical that all kids understand they must have a spotter when trying a new skill, one they are working on, or one that has a high level of difficulty.
  • Keep mats away from obstacles – When setting up the mats make sure they are placed far enough away from walls, furniture or other obstacles. Kids may fall off the edges of the mats, so you want to make sure they have space to do so safely without knocking their arms, legs or heads in to other obstacles.

Tips Regarding Use of an Inflatable Gymnastics Mat in Texas

Once you have chosen the right air track mat for your club or home, you will want to maintain it for a long time.

  • You can adjust the pressure of the mat based on the skills being worked on or the individual’s experience. Maximum pressure in the mat will create a harder surface, and may be more challenging or may support certain types of movement. Less pressure in the mat will create a surface that is flexible and soft, excellent for challenging balance or providing more cushion for sore joints.
  • When setting up the gymnastics air track mat avoid punctures by checking that the surface area is clear of sharp objects. You may want to place the mat on a padded surface or place a ground sheet between the mat and ground. Keep your mat clean and dry to avoid slipping on the mat, and maintain a clean practice area.
  • After using the mat make sure it is still clean and dry, then roll it up and put it away. It is important to make sure the mat is away when not in use to avoid damaging or tripping over the mat.

Why airTrakpro?

We are the leading supplier of air track mats in Texas and can customise your mats with your club’s colours and branding. We ship internationally and our customers in Australia and the USA can take advantage of our free shipping.

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