Kid's Tumbling Mat

Provide Safety for Your Little Tumbler with a Kid’s Tumbling Mat

Kids love to jump, flip and tumble and deserve a kid’s tumbling mat that provides a safe landing zone that minimises injuries and allows them to practice beyond regular training sessions. airTrakpro offers a line of portable tumbling equipment that offers a secure platform for take-offs and landings that is also easy to store.

Benefits of a Kid’s Tumbling Mat

Providing a safe place for your child to practice allows them to perfect their moves and prepare for competitions.

  • Our Airtrak Pro is available in different sizes to suit your space or your child’s needs.
  • Our tumbling mats are easy to set up and take down allowing you to take them anywhere for practice sessions.

The Importance of a Kid’s Tumbling Mat

Children who are interested in gymnastics, cheerleading and diving require a safe surface from which to start and finish their moves to prevent injuries.

  • When your child becomes airborne, a soft landing surface will protect joints from hard landings.
  • Miscalculations happen during practice, and landing on a hard surface can cause serious injuries.

Why Trust Airtrak Regarding a Kid’s Tumbling Mat

Our inflatable tumbling mats are made from durable gym equipment material to stand up to repetitive beatings and retain continuity. They can be used indoors or outdoors providing a safe place for your child to practice. Each tumbling mat comes complete with a pump, storage bag and repair kit so you can take it anywhere with ease. Give us a ring to learn more about how our products will help your tumblers practice safely at home.