Tumble Track

A Portable Tumble Track Provides a Safe Practice Area for Home Use

A portable tumble track affords your child a safe practice area at home or on the go. With easy setup, your child can practice their tumbling moves on a protected surface that minimises injuries and packs up neatly to take anywhere. airTrakpro has different sizes and shapes to create your personal gym space at home, in a park, at the beach or on holiday to ensure your athlete stays in top form and is afforded the time to perfect their movements.

Benefits of a Tumble Track in USA

Practice makes perfect and providing your child with a safe platform from which to run, jump, flip and tumble reduces the risk of injuries and allows them the opportunity to practice in addition to regular training sessions. A tumble track that is easy to set up and take with you anywhere makes perfect sense.

  • A take-along track allows your child to practice safely anywhere – from the backyard to the beach to a park; a portable air track provides a flexible surface for repetitive jumps and flips. Made from high quality gym equipment materials, our tumbling tracks are designed to take a beating.
  • Foam mats are bulky and heavy which makes them labour intensive to move around. A portable air track that inflates and deflates quickly makes storage and travel easy.
  • With many sizes and shapes available, it is easy to set up your travel gym quickly and provide the equipment necessary for your budding gymnast or cheerleader.

Tips Regarding an Air Tumble Track

Purchasing an air track tumble track for your child is a significant step towards their future success. However, it is vital that you follow all safety instructions to provide a stable surface for practice sessions.

  • Be sure to inflate the air track properly and check for leaks before allowing children access. Small leaks can reduce the cushioning and increase the risk of injuries. Use the repair kit included with each track to make quick repairs.
  • Keep all sides of the track clear of debris and obstructions. A misstep could easily cause your child to tumble off the side and hurt themselves on other equipment.
  • Always set up the track on level ground to ensure a steady footing for your child to run, jump, flip and land safely. Do not place your track on a slope.

About Air track

Our air tracks are made from high quality materials that are durable and reliable. We offer our tumbling tracks to cheerleading clubs, sports organisations, schools and private consumers that allow children to benefit from equipment designed for protection from unnecessary injuries. Our products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and come complete with a pump and storage bag to make set up and travel easy.

Contact us for more information on our line of tumbling tracks and our customisation options with your club branding which will enable you to set up a suitable practice facility during competitions. We also offer discount club pricing and fundraising programs to help your club obtain quality equipment for convenient practice.Tumble Track